Whether it’s one targeted need, or a continuum - we’re here to support your organisation.

Let’s work together to see where you’d like to go, and how we can help you get there.

Strategic Planning &

Business Planning

Working in partnership with you, we will design a process to engage with organisational leadership, the board and other stakeholders. Using strategic analysis and current trends, a customised solution for your strategic and development needs is developed.

Specific areas include (but are not limited to):

  • Organisational Strategic Planning,

  • Development and Growth Planning, and

  • Business Planning.

Program Design,

Innovation, & Scaling

The needs of the people we serve continue to change, as do the requirements and demands of the larger system. Evidence-based programs, implementation science, innovation and human centred design offer opportunities to improve efficacy and impact. Designing from the beginning to scale or re-designing to enable scale are integral considerations. Smart design and measurement of outcomes allow you to track and show the change that is intended.

We can provide this through:

  • New program design,

  • Existing program re-design,

  • Identifying opportunities for Innovation,

  • Developing to increase scale of programs, and

  • Implementation of new/ re-developed programs.

Grant Writing & 

Business Cases

The process of securing the necessary resources to maintain or grow an organisation is a key strategic opportunity for any organisation. We are here to help develop the compelling case for funding. With the expertise of former funders, we understand the requirements of the process, and of the reader. Our over 90% success rate over the years comes from this understanding and expertise.

We can assist you, with quick turnarounds on:

  • Strategic responses to funding opportunities,

  • Business cases (including use of ‘Better business case’ method),

  • Building capacity within your organisation to form better responses, and

  • Support to funders with procurement processes.

Review & Evaluation

Understanding whether a programme, a system or a service is working or developing well can be complex. Having an objective assessment of the strengths, the opportunities and recommendations for improvement support an informed decision about the future direction. Incorporating the expectations and requirements of key stakeholders, the needs of those served, and the organisational needs gives a well rounded assessment.

We can support development with:

  • Program Reviews,

  • System Reviews, and

  • Program Evaluation.